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Integrations overview
Integrations overview

Find out how integrating Minut with other systems can automate your property management business.

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Minut offers a range of integrations to make hosting easier. Integrating Minut with your Property Management System, smart lock, or Airbnb allows you to automate various aspects of your property management business.

PMS and OTAs

Integrating Minut with your PMS allows you to sync guest reservations with Minut to automate guest communication in case of noise issues.

The following information is synchronized with Minut when connecting your PMS:

  • Guest name

  • Guest phone number

  • Check-in and check-out times

  • Property the guest is staying at

With the Airbnb integration, Minut messages guests via the Airbnb Inbox instead.

When booking information is available, and a loud noise is detected at a property, Minut can communicate with the guest on your behalf using text messages, Autocall, or Call Assist. You configure guest communication under Settings -> Noise Monitoring.

Guest reservations are deleted from Minut (not your PMS) 14 days after the check-out date.

💡 Protip: if you connect both a PMS and the Airbnb integration, Minut will send messages to the guest's phone number and via the Airbnb Inbox.

Guest experience, smart locks, and climate control

With integrations in this category, Minut helps hosts with access and energy management to the property.

Integrations such as Nuki allow you to distribute access codes to guests via text messages before check-in.

With tado°, you can automatically lower heating and ACs at check-out and switch them back on before the next guest arrives. This allows you to save on heating costs.

Integrations like Enso Connect allow you to manage noise complaints through a unified communication hub.

Host operations

With Zapier and Minut’s API (available for Enterprise customers), businesses can automate operations and processes.

You can, for instance,

  • Schedule maintenance when a sensor needs recharging

  • Notify team members on Slack when temperature drops below freezing

  • Create custom reports after a guest's stay

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