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Write custom integrations with the Minut API
Write custom integrations with the Minut API

The Minut API is a REST-based HTTP API with which you can write custom integrations with your own applications or Property Management System

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Requesting an API key

You can get access to the Minut API via our webapp (Log in with your Minut account)

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Developers tool

  3. Click on Create Client

  4. Fill in your Name, Redirect URI and click on Save and you will receive the ClientID and ClientSecret

Your use of the API is subjected to our Terms of Service so please review them.

Developer documentation

Minut's developer documentation is contained together with the API specification. In the API documentation you will find:

  • How to authenticate using the API

  • An overview of the Minut architecture

  • How to setup and configure webhooks

  • The API specification

There is no software or graphical interface to access the API data. The data needs to be accessed programmatically through the Minut API via https endpoints.

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