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How to set-up an integration between Nuki and Minut

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The integration between Minut and Nuki will allow you to sync your Minut properties with Nuki and the guests will be automatically provided with the entrance pin code. So that when your guests arrive they will receive a code to unlock the home.

All integrations can be linked via our web app.

Create a seamless welcome by offering guests the ability to self check-in by Nuki.

With the Nuki integration you can:

  • Send guests an automated SMS with access code information prior to check-in.

  • Add the access code to your Guest Connect messages.

  • Include the access code in your check-in instructions shortcode

Connecting Minut with Nuki

Everything is connected via our web app under Integrations. Press on Nuki

to connect your Nuki to your Minut, you first need to set up your lock first, then connect to Minut.

To connect Minut with Nuki, follow the instructions below:

1. Download the Nuki lock App and set up your lock. Please note that this integration requires a keypad to be paired with the lock before it can be used

2. Click on Connect on the Minut App (as shown below)

3. Sign Into Your Nuki Account

4. Click allow

5. You are now connected to Nuki. The next step is to connect a home with a lock, begin by tapping 'create link'

6. Select your lock and press 'create link'

You have now successfully connected your Nuki lock to your Minut home!

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