[This article describes the new version of the app. The screenshots are from the old version. With the new version, you should see Minut(s) instead of Point(s).]

Zapier is a service that allows the user to integrate the web applications they use through creating Zaps. A Zap is an automated task that can run repeatedly and it consists of a collection of triggers and/or filters and actions. The user decides on what action will be set in motion when a trigger is set off. For more information visit Zapier.com.

An example of a Zap:

  • When motion is detected on my Minut, I want to get an email. 
  • When loud noise is detected on my Minut, I want my lights to light up.

How do I create a Zap?

Start by creating a Zapier account*. After that, follow the steps below:

  1. Start by accepting the invitation by going to Apps, search for minut. Select Minut Point Smart Alarm. 

2. Click on Start using Minut Point Smart Home Alarm now!

3. Click Accept Invite & Bulid a Zap.

4. Go to My Zaps, click Make a New Zap.

5. Start by choosing an app, select Minut Point Smart Alarm. If you haven’t used it before, write minut in the search box.

6. Select a trigger. Then click Save + Continue.

7. Select an existing account or connect an account. And Test. When the button change to green with the text "successful", click Save + Continue.

8. Pick a sample to set up your trigger. Or click Get More Samples. Then Continue.

9. Click Add a step

10. Choose an Action app.

11. Choose Action. Click Save + Continue.

12. Now, set up a template. Click Continue.

13. Click Test this step, further down on the page.

14. Click Finish.

15. Name your Zap. Turn on your Zap, so that the button shows green and says ON

16. You have now created a Zap! You will see all Zaps that you have created in My Zaps.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ping hello@minut.com.

*For further information about Zapier and the different types of accounts go to Zapier.com

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