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Seamlessly manage guest experiences through a comprehensive messaging provider.

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The integration between Enso Connect and Minut offers a seamless way to manage guest experiences through enhanced notification and messaging capabilities.

This integration allows you to receive notifications and set up guest messaging in response to noise events detected by Minut. Enso Connect's expertise in messaging provides a variety of channels and customization options that complement Minut's native functionality.

About Enso Connect

Enso Connect is a dynamic guest experience platform designed for vacation rentals and boutique hotels. It offers features to simplify and enhance the guest journey, focusing on personalization and monetization of guest interactions.

  • AI messaging and custom automations

  • Seamless digital guest experiences

  • Increase revenue

Steps to set up

  1. Connecting your accounts:

    • Access your Enso Connect dashboard.

    • Initiate the process to connect your Enso Connect and Minut accounts.

    • Once connected, you'll see a list of all Minut homes and their sensors linked to your account.

    • Selecting a sensor displays an overview page showing the noise threshold, battery level, and a log of reported events.

  2. Pairing Minut sensors with Enso Connect listings:

    • Link Minut homes to specific Enso Connect listings.

    • This enables automated experiences where guests are contacted by Enso Connect (through email, SMS, WhatsApp, or Airbnb messages) in the event of a noise disturbance.

  3. Notification setup for team members:

    • Set up Enso Connect users in your team to receive notifications.

    • Notifications can be received via SMS, email, or mobile for noise events and low-battery alerts from Minut.

  4. Messaging logs and guest interaction:

    • All noise events and corresponding messages sent to guests are recorded in the Messaging inbox thread for each guest.

    • The log will also display the guest's name associated with each noise event.

This integration enhances your ability to manage guest experiences efficiently, providing real-time responses to situations while maintaining high guest satisfaction.

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