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Getting started with Minut
The mobile app - an overview
The mobile app - an overview

An introduction to the Minut mobile app

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The Minut mobile app

With the Minut app, you can set thresholds, install new sensors, and get notifications for all critical events. In this article, we'll give you a brief overview of the layout of the app.

The Dashboard view

With the Dashboard view, you'll get a direct overlook of all ongoing events or any other issue that might need your attention, such as low battery or offline devices.

By pressing each option, you'll see a more detailed view of the current events. You will be able to view the number of homes that have been created and the remaining number of pre-paid homes that need to be created in the To-dos section as seen below.

You can read more in detail about noise events here, offline devices here, and low battery here.

The Homes view

In the Homes view, you'll get a list of all your existing properties. Here, you can see right away which properties have noise monitoring or the security alarm ON. You can also search for any specific home.

The red dot above a certain home means there's been an event you've not yet looked at. This could be anything from a threshold being breached, to that a sensor has been moved from the mounting plate. All these events can be found in the log of that home.

Profile settings

In the Settings tab at the bottom of your screen, you'll be able to manage your profiles. Click on your icon at the top to view your account details, here you'll be able to change your name, email, password and jump between your Organizations.

Homes detailed view

When pressing on a specific home, you'll see a more detailed view of that property. From here, you can add guests to the home, add or configure devices, or turn noise monitoring, crowd detect, cigarette detection, security alarm on and off.

To add Guests, press on Guests at the bottom. You can read more about Guest Connect here

Home settings

To configure Home settings, click on the home and click the settings icon on the top right corner.

Under home settings, you can set the name and location of your property. Here, you'll also find some settings that are specific for the whole home, such as Silent alarm, Scheduled alarm, and Guest Connect.


When you click on the home you can see a list of all the devices that are installed in that property under Devices.

To configure device settings, click on the device you want to configure and click on the settings icon. You can read more about device settings here.

Here you can see when a device was last updated, WiFi strength, battery level, and mounting status.

The mounting status can be seen as a Minut symbol next to the battery level. When green, it means the sensor is mounted on the mounting plate. If gray, it means the sensor is not mounted on the mounting plate.

If the mounting symbol is not showing any status, remove the sensor from the plate and re-attached it to update the status.

To add a new sensor, press the plus icon on the corner. You can read more about sensor installation here.

To get a more detailed view of a specific sensor, press the sensor of your choice. You can read more about sensor settings here.

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