The Minut Smart Home Sensor can detect movement and notify you of unwanted movement in your home when the Security Alarm is turned on.

The Security Alarm is turned on and off individually per home. Go to the Alarm view of the home you want to activate and tap Security alarm to turn it on. When you want to turn off the alarm you do the same thing by tapping Security alarm off. 

You can also choose to activate the alarm automatically, depending on if anyone is home or away, with the Automatic alarm feature.

If you want notifications about motion detection without the siren going off, you can do so with the feature Silent alarm.

How to test and use the alarm function

  1. Go to the Alarm view.

2. Tap Security alarm and turn it ON.

3. Your screen will change, but it can take up to 45 seconds before the Minut device detects movement after turning the Security alarm on.

4. If movement is detected when the alarm is turned on, a 45-second countdown starts and you'll have time to dismiss the alarm. The device beeps and the countdown shows how many seconds there are left until the siren starts. 

5. At the end of the countdown, the siren rings, and a notification is sent to all family members in the home.

All family members can see which device triggered the alarm and at what time. Anyone can turn it off by pressing Dismiss alarm. When the alarm is dismissed, the Minut device stops ringing and the alarm situation is considered to be under control. 

If no action is taken, the siren will sound for 2 minutes.

Please note that there is an approximate 45-second delay between each time movement can be detected.

Alarm reminders

With this feature, you will receive a notification to remind you to turn the alarm ON and OFF when you're the last to leave or the first to arrive home. You can toggle this under your home settings in the app.

Notifying friends

Minut can automatically notify friends if you have configured and invited friends to the home.

If no one in the family opens the app before the 45-second timer expires (step 5 above), automatic notification to friends is canceled. If the app is opened by any family member before the timer expires, automatic escalation is stopped. The app will tell you who stopped the escalation.

Friends will be notified through Minut's Groups' feature and will be able to communicate with each other to help form an action plan. 


What if my phone runs out of battery?

In case your phone is out of battery and the Security alarm is on and movement is detected, you can turn the sound off by pressing the main button. However, it'll still be sending notifications and alarming to the rest of your family and friends until they take action or turn the Security alarm off. A notification will also be sent that the alarm was muted by the button being pressed on the Minut device.

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