Installing the M2 Sensor

How to install a Minut sensor in your property

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The Minut sensor is installed in your properties via the mobile app. Any team member that's a part of the home can go out and install.

This article will guide you through where to best place the sensor and how the installation flow looks like.

Charging the sensor

When you receive the Minut sensor it's usually not fully charged, so start out with charging it. From empty to full battery, it takes about 6 hours, though the received sensor's battery should be about half charged. Make sure that the sensor is turned ON when you charge it. The Minut sensor will not charge if the switch is set to OFF

A full charge is indicated with a stable green light on the back.

Once operating, you can choose to have the sensor plugged in with the charger, or operate on the battery. The battery can last for up to a year before charging is needed. You can read more about charging and battery life here.

Where should I place the sensor?

The Minut sensor can be installed almost anywhere, but there are few things to have in mind when choosing a location.

We always recommend attaching your device to the ceiling such that it is directly facing the floor. Minut detects movement below its mounting position. The motion detection range is approximately 25 sqm (269 sqft) in a circle around the unit. When mounted at a standard ceiling height of 2,4 meters (7,9 ft) this translates to a radius of about 2.5m from the sensor.
The exception for this is if you have very high ceilings. Minut should not be placed higher than 3 m above the floor, in these special cases placing it on the wall would be preferable.

For the best coverage of your short-term rental property, we suggest you place the sensor in a common area, like the Living room.

The magnetic plate is fastened with an adhesive to the ceiling. For a ceiling with a rugged surface, you can choose to use the screw provided.

If you don't want to run the sensors on the battery, you can choose to have them plugged in with the charger at all times.

The Minut sensor is not built for outdoor usage.

The reason our M2 sensor doesn't work well outside is mainly because of two things:

  1. The sensor is not waterproof and doesn't like moisture or rain

  2. The noise monitoring is not calculated to exclude wind or other outside noises, and the readings would not be reliable.

How to install the sensor?

  1. Open the Minut mobile app and press Homes at the bottom of the screen. Choose the home you wish to install the sensor in.

  2. Click Sensors under details.

  3. Click on the plus sign in the top right corner and add the sensor to the existing home. Follow the instructions on the screen.

  4. Press down the main button (the lens) of the Minut sensor until it glows purple.

  5. You'll need to connect to "Point configuration" in your phone's wifi settings. Then, go back to the Minut app.

  6. Choose the correct WiFi, type in the password and press connect. Make sure you're connecting to a 2.4GHz WiFi.

    7. All done! Now you can place your sensor on the magnetic plate.

    The next step is to set your thresholds.


If you have issues connecting your sensor to the WiFi, please find useful information here.

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