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How the Noise monitoring feature works

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With Minut, you can monitor the noise levels in your home and get notifications if the noise level is too high. This article describes how to set this up in the app, however, you can also do this from our web app.

The noise monitoring function is easily turned on and off for each added home. Simply go to the home view and tap Noise monitoring on. When you want to turn off the alarm you do the same thing by tapping Noise monitoring off. 

How to use the noise monitoring feature

Once the noise monitoring feature is turned on, you can easily monitor all sound events in your home.

From the home screen, you get information about the noise level in the last hour as well as what noise threshold you have set up. It's currently the first device in your device list that's shown on the home screen. 

If the noise goes over the threshold set, you and your team members will receive a push notification about it. Your Team Contact will be notified automatically after the 3rd notification if an alert is not dismissed.

The first time you turn on sound monitoring, all thresholds and duration levels are set to default values. They are recommended by us to use if you don't know what values to put in yourself in the beginning. 

Default values

Normal hours: 75 dB
Quiet hours: 70dB
Duration: 10 min

With these values, you will be notified when the noise levels have been higher than 75/70db for more than 10 minutes. Once you have been notified, you can decide if you want to dismiss the alarm or notify your Team Contact.

If you choose to dismiss the alarm, you will receive a new notification if the sound levels keep being higher than the set threshold level for longer than the duration time. You can also "snooze" the alarm. In this case, you will not receive any high sound notifications for an hour.

How to set up thresholds and duration

To set up your customized settings for noise monitoring you go to the settings for the device you want to set up. 

Here you can choose when you want to be notified about high noise events. You can also choose to have different thresholds for regular hours and quiet hours. What times during the day you want to count as quiet hours, you can decide for yourself.

The noise duration can be set to 5-15 minutes. The noise will have to be higher than the set threshold for more than the duration time before you are notified.

The new thresholds will be set when your Minut updates, which happens once per hour. For a prompt update, just press the main button on your Minut device and your changes will take effect immediately.

Email notifications

If you feel a push notification is not enough, you can also receive an email for high noise events. This feature is set for each account under your profile settings.

In the mobile app, go to Settings then press your profile.

From the web app, you can turn on this feature from here.

You will receive an email for the following events:

  • High noise, first warning

  • High noise, second warning

  • High noise, third warning

  • Alert has been sent to responder

  • Quiet

Below, you can see an example of the email, this one is for the first warning.

Guest connect

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