Noise monitoring

Monitor noise levels in a property and get notifications if the level is too high.

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With Minut, you can monitor the noise levels in your home and get notifications if the noise level is too high.

How to use noise monitoring

Noise monitoring can be toggled for each added home. Tap the Noise monitoring card to toggle it on or off.

The noise card shows the sound level in the last hour. The dashed red line shows the current noise threshold.

Default thresholds and duration

The first time you turn on sound monitoring, all thresholds and duration levels are set to default values.

Normal hours: 75 dB
Quiet hours: 70dB
Duration: 10 min

With these values, you will be notified when the noise levels have been higher than 75/70db for more than 10 minutes.

Notifications to team

You, and any team members with access to the home, will receive a push and email notification (if configured) for each step in the noise escalation flow.

  1. First warning

  2. Second warning

  3. Third warning

  4. It's quiet

Snoozing noise notifications

You can "snooze" future noise notifications for up to an hour.

If you choose to dismiss a noise notification, you will receive a new notification if the sound levels keep being higher than the threshold.

How to set up thresholds and duration

Each sensor can use individual thresholds. This allows you to adjust settings to your rooms and properties.

To change the noise threshold, go to the settings for the sensor you want to configure. 

The noise duration can be set between 5-15 minutes. This means that noise will have to be higher than the set threshold for more than the duration time before you are notified.

The new thresholds will be applied to your sensor when it checks in, which happens once per hour. For a prompt update, press the main button on your Minut sensor, and your changes will take effect immediately.

Using quiet hours

It is common to have more strict noise rules during nighttime. To accommodate this, Minut supports different noise thresholds during quiet hours.

To use quiet hours

  1. Toggle quiet hours on in the sensor Noise monitoring setting's pane

  2. Select the time range for when stricter noise thresholds should apply

  3. Select a stricter noise threshold than daytime. The default is 70 dB.

You and your team will get notifications during quiet hours in the same way as during daytime.

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