What is Call Assist?

How the service works and what happens when a call goes out to the guests staying at your property.

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Call Assist provides hosts and property managers with a trained, always-available team ready to call guests on persistent noise issues. If there is a noise issue, an operator will place a call to the guest, reminding them about the house rules and the importance of respecting the neighbors, and compile a report about how the call went that is shared with the host.

Where and when is Call Assist available?

Call Assist is available globally to all our Minut customers, and our operators can respond to noise events in both English and French. Our team is available every day, weekends, and nights to resolve noise issues.

Having this service available 24/7 and in both English and French allows Call Assist to help you:

  • Protect your hospitality brand with trained guest operators

  • Build confidence towards property owners with a 24/7 risk management solution

  • Comply with local regulations and protect your community

  • Prevent complaints from neighbors

How does Call Assist work?

If a noise issue persists for 30 minutes (see noise monitoring flow here), one of our trained experts will make a personal phone call to your guest to remind them to keep the noise down.

What is the response time?

You will be notified when the call is requested and when the call is completed. The operator will attempt to call the guest within a few minutes of the request being issued.

When the call is completed you will receive an email report with details of how the call went.

You will also receive this notification via the app pushed to your phone with the status of the call, i.e., whether the operator could reach the guest or not.

What does the Operator say to the guest?

Minut's operators are trained experts and will remind guests about your house rules to solve noise issues swiftly and efficiently.


<Operator> May I speak to {guest name}?

<Guest> Hi, this is they. Can I ask who's calling?

<Operator> Hello, my name is {CSR first name}. I’m calling on behalf of {Host name}. We received a warning that there’s been excessive noise that’s lasted more than 20 minutes at the rental you are staying at.

We’d like to remind you about the house rules and ask you to avoid disturbing the neighbors. You can find the house rules in your contract with the host or your booking information.

​​<Guest> Oh ok, thanks for letting us know. We didn’t realize we were that

loud and will keep it down from now. ​​

<Operator> Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

What happens if an operator can’t reach the guest?

This is what we define as a worst-case scenario. However, our operators will do their best to report as much information as they can from the event.

Getting in contact with the guest follows an escalation sequence to do our best to help resolve the noise issue as soon as possible.

If there is no answer, the operator will try three more times to contact the guest. There is a 5-minute delay between each try. If they can’t reach the guest after the third attempt, they’ll report it as the guest was not available, and the host will receive a push notification and report with the information that was recorded from the event.

Ex. Phone number invalid, Guest did not pick up, Guest picked up and hung up on the last call.

How does the operator get access to the phone numbers of your guests?

There are two ways to sync booking data, including guests' phone numbers, with Minut: manually or via a Property Management System integration.

It is essential to keep information up-to-date with each guest staying at your property and to make sure the phone numbers are valid. Operators will note when a phone number is invalid in the report.

Can operators evict guests?

Eviction is not supported in the Call Assist service. All operators call in via telephone and cannot access your property information except for the guest's name, phone number, and when the noise issue started.

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