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Getting Started with Call Assist

How to activate Call Assist on your Minut account

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Activating Call Assist

Please make sure to note the following before activating Call Assist:

  • Call Assist will be added to all properties on your account

  • Guests’ phone numbers must be available in Minut for the service to work

  • Calls happen on the third noise warning

Call Assist is not compatible with the Airbnb integration due to phone number restrictions set in place by Airbnb.

Toggling Call Assist for the first time takes you through the activation journey to accept the annual billing for the service. Billing is aligned with your existing Minut subscription's billing period and prorated to your subscription's renewal date.

Toggle Call Assist On or Off

In the Minut web or mobile app, go to Noise Monitoring Settings for your organization, found on the left-hand side in the web app under Settings.

  1. Scroll down to the Third Alert under Noise Monitoring settings.

  2. Toggle Call Assist On

    1. You can toggle Call Assist on and off without canceling the service

Call Assist cannot be used together with Autocall on the third noise alert.

Cancelling Call Assist

You can manage your Call Assist subscription under Account -> Plan, Billing & Payments in the Minut web app.

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