Note that the plan Minut Pro is required to use Guest Connect.

Guest Connect allows hosts to manage properties with automatic communication to guests. On behalf of the host, Minut can contact the guests for you when noise becomes too loud. This way your involvement is only required as a last resort. Of course, you are kept informed whenever guests are contacted directly.

With Guest Connect Flash and Sound and/or Guest Connect SMS you can inform the guest when noise levels exceed your configured threshold. This way, your guests will be notified that they need to keep the noise down, allowing for quick reaction on your part even if it’s the middle of the night or a very busy day.

Guest Connect features Flash and Sound and SMS can be used together or separately.

Guest Connect SMS

Guest Connect SMS allows you to send automated text messages to the guest whenever noise levels have exceeded the threshold.

To enable Guest Connect, start by adding the guest to your Minut home. Go to Groups and Group settings (top right corner). You can choose to add a guest for the period of time they are staying at the property.

Enter check-in time and checkout time (check-out time is optional) and the guest's name and phone number. Then press Add guest.

When noise monitoring is ON and a loud noise is detected above your configured thresholds, your guest will receive an SMS letting them know to keep it down. At the same time, you will get the regular push notification in the Minut app.

If the noise continues, they will receive a second and third SMS with 10-minute intervals. After 3 text messages, no more notifications will be sent to the guest.

This can also be configured through the Web App under Homes.

You can read more about noise monitoring here.

Guest Connect Flash and Sound

When Guest Connect Flash and Sound is active, the device will flash red and sound for 10 seconds if the configured noise threshold is exceeded. This will let the guest know that they are too loud and keep it down.

We recommend you let your guests know that there is a Minut Home Sensor installed in your property and that this feature is enabled.

If the noise continues, the device will flash and sound a second and third time, with 10-minute intervals. At the same time, you will receive push notifications.

To turn ON this feature, go to your home settings in the app, press Guest Connect, and toggle the Light and Sound sensor.

This can also be configured from the Web App under Homes.

Note that both Guest Connect SMS and Guest Connect Flash and Sound can be active at the same time.

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