What to do when your Sensor turns offline?

Steps on what to do when your sensor is offline

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There are three easy steps to take if your sensor is offline.

  • Check that the sensor is on by pressing the power switch (M3 Sensor)

  • Check that the sensor is on by pressing the lens (M2 Sensor)

  • Check that the sensor has battery

  • Check that the sensor has Wi-Fi connection

WIFI Connection Issues:

If a sensor has lost Wi-Fi connection and does not connect back automatically, try the following:

Step 1

  • Reboot the router (turn off for 20 seconds and plug in power supply again)

  • Turn off the sensor, for 10 minutes

  • Turn on the sensor and wait 10 seconds

  • Press the main button on the sensor and see if it lights up white, then green.

Step 2

  • In the mobile app, go to: Sensor → Settings → Advanced → Update Wi-Fi Settings

  • Follow the instructions in the app

  • (This will not delete any data on the sensor)

If you have to change or update the Wi-Fi name or password that the sensor is connected to, follow the steps here. Changing Wi-Fi configuration is similar to installing a Minut sensor from scratch, however, no data is lost when you update your Wi-Fi settings.

The distance between your Minut Sensor and your router can affect the signal strength which in turn can affect the battery life of your sensor. The longer the distance, the more power is required by the sensor antenna to connect to your router.

Read more about Wi-Fi requirements here

Battery Issues:

It is possible to improve the battery life of the Minut sensor in a variety of ways. some features consume the battery faster than others - to optimise for battery life, you can choose to disable the following features:

  • Disable More Frequent Sensor Updates

  • Disable Crowd Detect

  • Disable Notifications for Alarm Recognition

If you have trouble getting your sensor to charge, or if you're experiencing fast battery consumption (the sensor runs out of battery in a few days), please reach out to support at hello@minut.com with the following information:

  • Minut account email address

    • Have you tried charging with a different USB-C cable? Have you tried a different plug that goes into the wall?

  • Does the LED light on the back blink?

  • Serial number of the sensor.

If you have checked and tested all the steps above without success, please reach out to our support team at hello@minut.com. Include the following information:

  • A brief description of the problem

  • The serial number/sensor MAC address of the affected sensor

  • Model, make and serial number of the router

And we'll do our utmost to help you!

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