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How Sensor Swap works

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Sensor Swap allows you to replace your sensor with a fully charged one when it’s out of power without having to reinstall anything and while retaining all your data. This guide will help you get Sensor Swap up feature up and running.

Only an admin in your Minut organization can turn Sensor Swap ON/OFF

Locate Sensor Swap on the app:

On the Webapp, Tap on Settings and toggle Sensor Swap on

On your Mobile App, Tap Settings, tap Organization and toggle Sensor Swap on

Sensors need to have the latest firmware versions to be able to enable Sensor Swap.

  • 15142 for the M2 Sensor

  • 1025557 for the M3 Sensor

You can check the firmware version in the Minut Mobile app under advanced sensor settings. Firmware updates are automatic but the sensor needs to be installed in order to receive the update.

Keep in mind:

You can perform a sensor swap between different generations (M2 and M3)

- However the M2 lacks some features supported by the M3 such as Outdoor mode and Cigarette detection. Do not swap an M3 sensor with an M2 sensor if you expect to use those features - it will not work.

How to set up Sensor Swap:


Make sure the new sensor is charged and hasn’t already been installed. If unsure, perform a factory reset:

  • How to factory reset an M2 Sensor:

    • Press the factory reset button (the hole on the back with two arrows) using a pointy object. Hold for a few seconds until the sensor flashes orange.

  • How to factory reset an M3 Sensor:

    • Press and hold the button on the back, after approximately 15 seconds the sensor will say "factory reset in 3, 2, 1". Keep holding the button down until the device says "Factory reset" and the device lights up red.

Step 1:

Make sure the new sensor is turned on by pressing the power button:

  • M2: do a short press and wait until the white circling light turns off

  • M3: hold the button down and wait so you see the purple light glowing and hear the audio cue “Ready to install”

Step 2

Take the installed sensor down from the mounting plate (don’t turn it off). Attach the new sensor on the mounting plate. Within 60 seconds, the swap will start. Both sensors should start displaying a purple circling light. Keep the sensors within 1 meter from each other.

Step 3

When complete, the new sensor will light up green and the replaced sensor will fade out. You will see a log event on your Minut app about the swap being successful.


Check that the new sensor is online by pushing the button. It will light up green if it’s installed and is connected to the internet.


If the sensor blinks red or doesn't light up green within 1 minute then the swap was not successful. You will see a corresponding event in your log as well.

What to do:

  • Try the swap again, starting with step 1.

  • Make sure the existing sensor has battery,
    Sensor swap will not work if the sensor is dead

  • Make sure the new sensor is charged.

  • As an admin, check that Sensor Swap is enabled for your organization.

  • Check the firmware version for the involved sensors.

  • If it still doesn’t work, contact us at for further assistance.

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