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Member Roles & Access Level
Member Roles & Access Level
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Members can have different roles and access levels. This controls which permissions they have and the homes they can access. Roles determine which permissions a member has access to.

Access level

Access level determines which homes a member has access to. The different access levels are below:

  • Organization access: Access to all homes in the organization.

  • Home group access: Access to all homes in a home group.

  • Home access: Access to a specific home.


Decides what this member can view and have permission to do within the Minut app. Note that only users with organization access have permission to edit settings which affects the entire organization. The different roles are below:

  • Admin: For users that should have full access.

  • Member: Receive notifications, view home data, add devices, manage noise and security features.

  • Team Contact: Can only view and write in the chat and will receive the 3rd notification for a noise event. For example, a security guard.

Below is a table of all permissions these roles have:

Organization access



Team Contact

Add homes

Manage home groups

Manage members

Settings profiles / Guest connect


Home group or home access*

Receive notifications

Turn on/off noise monitor

Security alarm

Turn on/off crowd detect

Add device

View device data

Add guests

Edit thresholds

*Users with organization access also have access to their respective home group and home level permissions.

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