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How to set-up the Airbnb integration

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The integration with Airbnb allows Minut to receive reservation and guest information from your booking calendar. Once the Minut sensor detects noise in your property, this integration will automatically send a message through Airbnb directly to the guest currently staying there (if any), letting them know to keep it down.

Key features

  • Guests are automatically imported to Minut based on Airbnb reservations.

  • Guests will receive noise warning messages via the Airbnb app.

  • You, and Airbnb, have a record of all noise warnings sent to the Airbnb guest.

You can read more about Guest Connect here.

Autocall and Call Assist are not available with the Airbnb integration since phone numbers are not shared with Minut. All communication with the guest takes place in the Airbnb app.


  • You need to be an Organization admin to configure integrations in Minut

  • You need to be the owner of the Airbnb account (i.e., not a co-host)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select the Airbnb Integration

  2. Press connect and follow the steps required on Airbnb's side.

3. You'll be directed to log in to your Airbnb account and allow Minut to import your listings. Note that if you're not the owner of the listings, then syncing will not work.​

4. Once the connection is set up, you must link your Airbnb listings with the correct home in the Minut app. This is so Minut can get the correct guest information when a high noise event occurs.

Press Create link and choose the corresponding listing in your Airbnb system.

Once all of your homes are linked to an Airbnb property, you're all set!

Configure guest messaging

To tailor messaging for your business and guests, see How to configure SMS to Guest.

Communicating with the guest via Airbnb and SMS

If you collect phone numbers from guests outside of the Airbnb app, you can configure Minut to send noise warning messages both via Airbnb and SMS to Guest.

  1. Collect the phone number from the guest

  2. Inform the guest about Minut

  3. Add the guest reservation in parallel to the imported Airbnb reservation in the Minut app. Detailed instructions are available here.

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