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How to set-up the Hostaway integration

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The integration between Minut and your PMS will allow you to sync your Minut properties with your PMS guest data. If loud noise is detected at a property, the guest will automatically receive a message, letting them know to keep it down.

All integrations can be linked via our web app.

Hostaway helps you grow your property management business by automating and streamlining every aspect of your business.

By linking your Minut homes to your properties, minut will know what home the disturbance is in and notify the correct guest. All integrations can be linked via our web app.

Connecting Minut with Hostaway

Everything is connected via our web app under Integrations.

  1. Go to Hostaway's API Settings and create a public API secret key.

  2. Click 'Connect' on the top of this page.

    • Insert the account ID and API key from Hostaway and hit 'Connect'

  3. Link your Minut homes with the corresponding Hostaway Listings.

  4. Once Minut is linked to your Hostaway account, you'll see all your homes in a list. Link these to the corresponding listing.

Once all your homes are linked to a property, you're all set! If a guest is too loud, an automatic editable SMS is sent, or if you would prefer an Autocall, letting them know to keep it down.

Now set up guest communication, so that guests that are synced from Hostaway will be alerted if noise levels are above the set threshold during their stay. You can find more information on guest communication here.

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