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Getting started with Minut
Setting up your account as a Property Manager
Setting up your account as a Property Manager

How to set up your account and create Homes

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Welcome to the Minut community!

This article will guide you through the process of setting up your account and getting started with your Minut experience.

Step by step we will walk you through how to install homes and sensors, invite team members, and set thresholds that work for you. All the steps you need to start monitoring your properties.

Setting up your account

Manage your plan

Add homes and team members

Creating and setting up your main account

The Minut app is available both for your mobile phone and web browser.

You first need to download the Minut app to your phone from the app store. This is where you will receive notifications for events like high noise levels.

You can manage your general account settings directly from the mobile app. However, as a larger property manager, we suggest you use the web app for a better overview and bulk edits. Here, you can also manage your plan, billing, and payment settings.

The main account is where you will manage all your Minut homes, billing, and general settings. You can invite team members from your organization to join and have access as well.

Once you have your Minut account, you can start setting up with a few easy steps!

Manage your plan

Whether you’re a homeowner, a host, or a property manager we have a plan that fits your needs. You can see all your plan details and invoices from here.

You can read more about how billing of plans works from our fair billing policy here.

Adding Homes and team members

For a larger portfolio, we suggest you create your homes before going out to the property to install the sensor. This way, you'll have control of which homes are created and can, later on, send out a team member to install the sensor.

Homes can easily be created from the web app.

Once you have your homes created, you can invite team members that require access to notifications and data.

By having your team members create their own Minut accounts, you can invite them to have access to your Minut homes.

This will let them receive notifications, install sensors and manage threshold settings, depending on the level of access you wish to give them. This can be done both from your mobile phone or the web.

You can read more about adding team members and the different access levels here.

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