We offer a fair billing policy because we believe you should only pay for the homes managed by you.

The short version

  • If you purchase a subscription together with your Minut Smart Home Sensors, your subscription will activate on the day you set up your first home.
  • On the day your subscription activates, you’ll only pay for the homes you own.
  • Any changes to the number of homes will be reflected in your billing statement and at https://web.minut.com.

Add new homes to your subscription

If you’re on a paid subscription and add new homes part of the way through the billing cycle, we’ll only charge you for the time used. We’ll keep track of this for you and bill you once per month.

If you pay annually, we’ll calculate the pro-rata cost for the rest of the year and bill you at the end of the month for any new homes added.

Transfer home ownership or removing homes

If you remove a home part of the way through the billing cycle, we’ll credit your user account with the prorated amount remaining of the billing cycle. The credits will be applied automatically towards your next invoice.

Payment terms

Read all the details about Minut’s paid plans.

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