The Minut needs to be recharged approximately every 4 months, depending on the environment and wifi connectivity where it’s installed. You charge it by using the charging cable and a normal charge takes between 4-6 hours. When it's time for your device to be charged you'll receive an email, then you'll have about two weeks before the battery drains!

Lights when charging

On the bottom of the device (under the magnetic plate), there is a LED light, indicating different states in charging.

  • Charging - blinking green. If the battery is entirely empty, it might take take some time for this to happen. 
  • Fully charged - solid green.
  • Contact support to resolve the issue - blinking red.  

Leave your Minut on while charging. If the device is turned off, the light is disabled. Charging will take a lot longer, approximately 40 hours.

Where is the ON button? The ON button is located on the back of the Minut. At the beginning you need to remove the magnetic metal plate from the device. Once you have removed it, you can see the button and the LED charge light. 

Is Minut hardwired? The device is not meant to be hardwired and we recommend you to charge the device as described. However, it will work if you keep it plugged in with a USB-C though we don't recommend it.


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