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How to set up and review alerts on your web browser

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Desktop notifications are a way of displaying notifications for our customers who are working on receptions or using Minut from their office. You can review alerts from different apps on your computer even when the app is not in focus. In our apps, we refer to this as web app notifications. These notifications work through the user’s web browser.

Currently only supported on:

Chrome on Windows and MacOS

Edge on Windows

How to turn on Desktop notifications:

  1. Log into your Minut App

  2. Click on your Icon

  3. Click on Account

  4. Toggle Web app notifications ON

  5. Click on Allow to send alerts

The browser will prompt for permissions to send alerts.

For Edge users: Please make sure to Allow Notifications, this button may be slightly hidden as shown below.

Once all is set up correctly desktop notifications will send the same events as push notifications that are sent on your mobile app.

Keep in mind:

  • Make sure you’re signed into your Minut account and have your browser window open in order to receive the notifications

  • When clicking on the notification pop up it will direct you to the web app

  • If the toggle on the user account has been enabled but no notifications appear, check that browser permissions have been given correctly (Step 4 & 5)

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