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Getting Started with How to Inviting Members to your Team

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How to add a Member

  1. Navigate to the Teams tab in the Minut web app or the mobile app

  2. Click Add member.

3. Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite to your team.

4. Select access level. This decides which homes a member has access to.

Organization Access:
This will grant the member access to all homes in the Organization.
Home Group Access:
This will grant the member access to only the homes in the Home Group.
Home Access:
This will grant the member access to only the home you have invited them to.

5. Select a role – this decides what this member can view and have permission to do within the Minut app. You can read more about Member roles here:

6. Once you confirm the email address and role, the recipient will be emailed an invitation link to join your Minut Organization.

Joining an Organization

If you were sent an invitation to join a Minut organization, you only need to click the link sent to your email and you will be redirected to sign up for a free Minut Account.

Once you have signed up, you will automatically be added to the Organization you have joined.

If you already have a Minut account, you will automatically join as soon as you sign in.

Seat Count
Organizations have a Seat Count per Team depending on your Minut Subscription.

  • Minut Standard Plan = 5 seats

  • Minut Pro Plan = 20 seats

Read more about Home Groups here

Read more about Organizations & Teams & Member Permissions here

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