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How to set-up an integration between Tokeet and Minut

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The integration between Minut and your PMS will allow you to sync your Minut properties with your PMS guest data. If loud noise is detected at a property, the guest will automatically receive a message, letting them know to keep it down.

All integrations are set up via the Minut web app.

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The integration with Tokeet allows Minut to receive reservation and guest information from your booking calendar. Once the Minut sensor detects noise in your property, this integration will automatically send a text message to the guest currently staying there (if any), letting them know to keep it down.

Connecting Minut with Tokeet

Everything is connected via our web app under Integrations. Press on Tokeet.

Press connect and follow the steps required on your Tokeet side.

Once the connection is set up, you'll need to link your Tokeet listings with the correct home in the Minut app. This is so Minut can get the correct guest information when a high noise event occurs.

Press Create Link and choose the corresponding listing in your Tokeet system.

Once your homes are linked to a Tokeet property, you're all set!

Now set up guest communication, so that guests that are synced from Tokeet will be alerted if noise levels are above the set threshold during their stay. You can find more information on guest communication here.

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