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Silent Alarm

The silent alarm lets you set your Minut Smart Home Alarm in alarm mode which alerts you without the siren going off.

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What is the silent alarm? 

The silent alarm feature lets you arm Minut without the siren going off when there is an emergency event. You will instantly get notifications about the event on your phone, without the 45 second Grace period. This feature helps you to monitor your home and get notified when something critical happens (movement detected, smoke alarm going off, etc.) without the siren going off. 

How do I activate the silent alarm?

  1. Go to your home alarm view and activate the Security alarm:

2. Click on the settings icon on the upper right corner to go to “home settings” and activate the silent alarm:

3. Go back to your home screen, you should see the small silent alarm icon next to the alarm view:

4. The silent alarm is on! You’ll get a push notification once there is an emergency alert.

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