Manual vs. Automatic guard callouts

Disable automatic requests for guards via Guard Assist with a toggle.

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It is possible to disable automatic dispatches of guards when a noise issue persists. Instead of Minut automatically requesting a guard response on the third noise warning, you need to manually request a callout from the web or mobile app.

This may be useful if you

  • Have a virtual assistant team that assesses the situation before deciding to send a person to the property

  • Temporarily want to avoid callouts and associated charges

Disable automatic callouts

Illustration of how to disable automatic callouts in Minut's web app
  1. Open the settings menu via the three dots on the home you want to disable automatic callouts for

  2. Select "Turn off automatic callout"

At this time, you cannot disable automatic callouts in the mobile app.

Request a guard manually

During an on-going noise event, you can manually request to send a guard to the property.

Please note that you cannot request a guard if there is no noise issue on-going.

  1. Press the "Send responder" button that is available in the web and mobile app.

  2. You will be asked to confirm the request

Screenshot of Minut's mobile app displaying the button for manually requesting a responder.

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