Cigarette detection

How Cigarette detection works

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Disclaimer: Cigarette detection is a beta feature only supported indoors on the Generation 3 sensors.

How does Cigarette detection work?

  1. Turn Cigarette Detection ON

  2. The sensor will enter a Calibration mode (Keep in mind that during the calibration mode you will not receive any cigarette alerts)

  3. Once the calibration period is over, Minut will start monitoring indoor air for cigarette smoke.

  4. When cigarette smoke is detected, you will get notified via a push notification on your phone and an email (if you have email alerts enabled)

Tips when using the Cigarette detection feature

  • Don't hide the sensor away on top of furniture, place the sensor on the ceiling in the middle of the room

  • Avoid placing the sensor by stoves, fireplaces

  • Avoid placing the sensor close to ventilations and ACs.

  • Avoid placing the sensor in heated & freezing indoor environments

Sharing Feedback

To help us develop our feature, we would appreciate your feedback to give us more context around the detected events.

To leave feedback about a specific cigarette detection alert, open the mobile app and navigate to the affected home. From there, go to the log and tap on Let us know if we have feedback.

(The feedback section is only available when you receive a cigarette detection event)


Will I be notified when the guest has stopped smoking?

No, you will not be notified if the guest has stopped smoking. However, you will receive repeated notifications if the cigarette smoke doesn’t clear out.

Does the sensor detect Marijuana or Vapes?

No, the sensor does not detect Marijuana or Vapes.

If you have any questions regarding Cigarette detection do not hesitate to reach out to our support team:

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