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How to set-up the tado° integration

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The integration between Minut and tado° will allow you to sync your Minut properties with tado° to save energy by automatically turning off the AC and lowering the temperature on your Tado Smart Thermostat in between bookings after guests have checked out. The integration between Minut and tado° works with both the Smart AC Control and Smart Thermostat.

  • The AC will be turned off at check-out, then on again at check-in.

  • For the heating, the temperature is lowered to 15°C at check-out. One hour before the check-in, it is raised according to the tado° settings.

All integrations can be linked via the Minut web app.

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Step 1: Installing

For this integration to work, you first need to setup an account with tado° , and install the Smart AC Control or Smart Thermostat in your properties.

Currently, the function of the integration is to turn off the AC in vacant properties or to lower temperature in vacant properties to save energy.

This is how Smart Thermostat works:

  1. At check-out time, the integration overrides the temperature schedule set in tado°, and sets the temperature to 15°C.

  2. One hour before the next check-in time, the override is removed and temperature will revert to tado° schedule.

  3. If during their stay, the guest changes the temperature by using the tado° physical device at the property, then at check-out Minut will override it and set to 15°C. Ahead of the following check-in, the temperature will again revert to tado° schedule (not what the guest manually set on the tado° device).

Step 2: Connect Minut with tado°

1. After you've setup your devices visit the Minut web app. under Integrations. Press on tado° and go to Setup.

2. You'll be asked to sign in with your tado° account and approve that Minut can access your tado° devices.

Step 3: Link your properties

Once your account is linked you'll be prompted to link your Minut properties with your tado° rooms. This will ensure that the correct AC is controlled.

Once all your homes are linked to your tado° rooms, you're all set! Once your guest checkout, your thermostats will automatically shut off.

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