The integration between Minut and tado° will allow you to sync your Minut properties with tado° to save energy by automatically turning off the AC after guests have checked out.

All integrations can be linked via the Minut web app.

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Connecting Minut with Tado

Step 1: Install devices

For this integration to work, you first need to setup an account with tado° , and install the Smart AC Control in your properties. Currently, the function of the integration is to turn off the AC in vacant properties to save energy.

Step 2: Connect Minut with tado°

1. After you've setup your devices visit the Minut web app. under Integrations. Press on tado° and go to Setup.

2. You'll be asked to sign in with your tado° account and approve that Minut can access your tado° devices.

Step 3: Link your properties

Once your account is linked you'll be prompted to link your Minut properties with your tado° rooms. This will ensure that the correct AC is controlled.

Once all your homes are linked to your tado° rooms, you're all set! Once your guest checkout, your thermostats will automatically shut off.

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