Our currently available Minut sensor is not suitable for outdoor use as it is not waterproof, and the readings are not calibrated to exclude wind or other outdoor sounds. Cold temperatures and humidity will damage the sensor.

We do not recommend placing the device outdoors because it will not be as accurate, and placing it outdoors will immediately void your warranty. This means that if the device gets damaged, you will need to replace the device at your own expense.

At Minut, we listen to what our customers want, and the message about the need for an outdoor sensor has been loud and clear. We are now ready to confirm that we are developing a Minut outdoor sensor. Here is our official statement:

"An outdoor sensor is on our radar and we are actively developing one. At Minut, we only launch products that we're proud of and it’s technically very difficult to produce a sensor that can perform long-term in all weather conditions and monitor noise accurately while excluding the wide variety of outdoor sounds (wind, traffic, lawnmowers, etc) from the readings. The last thing we want is to trigger any false positives and with that cause more worry than peace of mind to both hosts and guests, so we're using our expertise in sound recognition and machine learning to build the best possible outdoor sensor"

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