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How Minut protects guest privacy
How Minut protects guest privacy

What Minut monitors & what you should disclose to your guests

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The Minut Home Sensor lets you monitor and protect your home while respecting your guests’ privacy.

No camera. No conversations recorded. No data loopholes.

Minut was built with privacy as our top concern. We believe that transparency builds trust, so we strongly encourage all of our customers to disclose that they have a monitoring device in their properties.

Telling guests about Minut

Below are two example blurbs you can add to your listing to inform your guests about the Minut in your property.

This property is equipped with a device that monitors noise levels (but does not record sound) and notifies the host if it gets too loud."

“This home is equipped with a device that monitors the environment inside the property (including noise levels, temperature, and motion) to ensure guests have a pleasant stay and our neighbors are not disturbed."

What data does Minut log?

  • The Minut device only measures decibel levels; it never records conversations.

  • Minut measures and logs temperature, humidity, noise levels, motion, the number of mobile devices in the vicinity of the sensor, battery levels, and a set of diagnostics data, including Wi-Fi connectivity.

When using our feature Guest Connect, we collect the following information related to the guests:

  • Their name, e-mail address, and telephone number

  • The dates of their stay in your home or property

  • The location of the home or property

If you'd like to learn more about how we comply with GDPR, what data is collected and how we use it, read our Privacy Policy here.

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