With Point's alarm you can be aware of detected motion in your home and soon it'll involve detection of window break, learn more about releases of features here

The alarm function is easily turned on and off for each added home. Simply go to the alarm view of the home you want to activate, go to the alarm view and tap Turn alarm on. When you want to turn off the alarm you do the same thing by tapping Turn alarm off. 

How to test and use the alarm function

1. Go to the Alarm view

2. Tap Turn alarm on

3. Trigger alarm by walking below the Point you want to test. 

4. When motion is detected a count down of 45 seconds starts and you'll have time to Turn alarm off. Point is now beeping and the count down shows how many seconds there are left until the alarm starts. 

5. After the count down the alarm is ringing and notifications are sent to you and your family members to let you know that something has been detected back home. All family members can see which Point triggered the alarm and at what time and will also be able to turn it off by pressing Silence. When doing this Point will stop ringing and the alarm situation is considered to be under control. 

6.  If you have invited friends to your home they can be notified automatically when you or your family can’t respond. A tip is to add a few neighbours to create a safe neighbourhood watch, read more about it here.  

If anyone in the family opens the app before the 45 seconds (step 5) have run out, the automatic escalation to friends will be canceled. The app will tell if the automatic escalation is stopped and by whom, or if it has already been escalated. Friends will be notified and connected through Point's chat function and will all be able to help out and form an action plan. 

7.  The alarm has an expire time of two minutes, excluding the 45 seconds you'll get to turn the alarm off, and will go back to normal mode after this since the event should be noticed and over by then.

When testing the alarm you should keep in mind that after Point has been triggered, there's an interval of 45 seconds when it can't be triggered again. After silencing the alarm, you also have to turn the alarm on to test it once again. 

In case your phone is out of battery and you trigger the alarm to go off you will be able to turn the sound off by pressing the main button. However, it'll still be sending notifications and alarming to the rest of your family and friends until they turn it off and they'll also get an notification that Point has been muted.

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