Indoor climate monitoring

Monitor temperature and humidity to protect your property, save money and provide a better guest experience.

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Indoor climate monitoring is a feature showing temperature and humidity events in the homes, keeping an eye in your properties indoor climate to help ensure your property is protected from freezing, overheating, flooding, or mold risk.

How to turn ON indoor climate monitoring

  1. Click on the home you want to turn Indoor climate monitoring ON in

  2. Click Indoor climate

  3. Click ON

    • Enable Temperature and/or Humidity

    • The Safety alerts are always set ON

You will always be notified if there is mold risk or the temperature is near freezing temperatures

How to change the indoor climate threshold

  1. Click on the device you want to change the settings on

  2. Click on Settings (top right corner)

  3. Click on Threshold

  4. Edit the Temperature and/or Humidity thresholds

Almost Freezing' warnings

Keep in mind freezing warning events are unavailable when the Minut Gen 3 sensor is installed outdoors.

When the temperature measured by a sensor approaches freezing, Minut will automatically send a warning to all team members with access to the home.

The temperature must have been below 5°C/41°F for over 5 hours for the warning to trigger.

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