Mold risk

Use Minut to warn you of conditions favorable for mold growth

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What does mold risk mean?

A combination of certain temperatures and relative humidity levels over extended periods may create favorable conditions for mold growth.

Mold may grow despite conditions not being identified by Minut, such as behind a sofa or under carpets.

Minut classifies risk of mold growth in three categories:

  1. No mold risk

  2. Elevated risk

  3. Significant risk

What can I do if mold risk is elevated or significant?

If the risk is elevated or significant, you should investigate if you have mold. Minud does not indicate the presence of mold, only that the conditions in the room can support mold growth.

Actions you can take to reduce the risk are:

  • increase the temperature to reduce the relative humidity

  • improve ventilation

  • install a dehumidifier

The risk level changes slowly, and it may take several weeks to see a result of actions taken.

Toggling mold risk on/off

It is not possible to turn off mold risk analysis. The feature has no impact on sensor battery life.

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