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Installing Generation 3 Sensor
Installing Generation 3 Sensor
How to install a Gen 3 sensor in your home
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Charging Sensor

How to Install the sensor

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What to keep in mind during Outdoor Mode

Charging Sensor

When you receive the Minut sensor it's usually not fully charged, so start out with charging it. The battery can last for up to a year before charging is needed. The Gen 3 sensor can be hardwired indoors only.

You can follow the charging progress at the battery indicator on the back of the sensor. The lights blink when charging and turn solid when charged. A full charge should take 1-4 hours.

How to install the sensor?

The sensor is installed in your properties via the mobile app.

Any team member with access to the home can install the sensor.

This article will guide you through the installation steps

  1. Open the Minut mobile app and press Homes at the bottom of the screen. Choose the home you wish to install the sensor in.

  2. Click on Sensors & Graphs

  3. Click on the + sign and add the sensor to the existing home. Follow the instructions on the screen.

  4. Select your Sensor (Minut Gen 3)

  5. Turn on your sensor and (make sure your Minut is glowing purple) and click Start Installation
    (If your Minut has not turned purple take a look at our troubleshoot page here)

  6. Join WIFI Network Point Configuration

  7. Connect to your Minut to the WIFI

  8. Select Location mode (Indoors or Outdoors)

  9. All done! Now you can place your sensor on the magnetic plate. The next step is to set your threshold.

What to keep in mind when the sensor is in Outdoor Mode:

  • Avoid direct sunlight or rain

  • To reduce rain splash, place device at 20 inches/50 cm above ground

  • Don’t install close to noisy equipment such as AC units

If you're installing the device outdoors, you should rotate the Gen 3 Sensor so that the motion sensor is in the bottom right corner (the clear circle). This is to ensure the USB-C port is best protected from rain or other weather conditions.

AudioID: When it comes to noise detection, AudioID has been applied so that noise alerts won't be triggered by wind blowing around the sensor, this will prevent false positives.

The following features are not available when the sensor is in outdoor mode:

  • Crowd detect

  • Security alarm

  • Alarm sound and glass break recognition

  • Nightlight

  • Motion graphs

  • Mold risk analysis

  • Almost freezing insight

Is the Sensor Waterproof: The Minut Sensor is not waterproof, but is instead weatherproof. If placed outdoors we strongly recommend to place the device under a roof/cover. The sensor can withstand rain, temperature fluctuations, and dust.

The next step is to set your thresholds.


If you have issues connecting your sensor to the WiFi, please find useful information here.

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