With Minut Response Partners, Minut is able to send out a responder to your property if noise levels escalate.

Together with our guest connect feature, it gives you a fully automated noise control solution for your properties.

Our responders are certified security staff with years of experience under their belts and will handle any disturbance with care.

Please make sure you have Minut app version 4.5.6 (iOS, Android) or above to fully use Minut Response Partners.

Once noise levels have been above your set threshold for more than 30 minutes, (see noise monitoring flow here) a responder will automatically be sent over to the property.

You can also choose to send them out manually earlier in the noise event flow.

Once a responder is on the way to your property, you will receive a notification. The time it takes for them to arrive may depend on your location, however, the average time is 40 minutes.

You can choose to cancel the callout if you do not want a responder to go out to the property. If the responder is on the way already, the callout will still be charged.

Once they arrive at the location, you will be able to see this in the app.

At the property, they will try to get in contact with the guests to let them know about the disturbance.

If you've left them instructions on how to get in contact with the guests, they will follow these.

After the callout, you will receive a report from the responder as to what transpired.

Once the responder leaves the property, noise monitoring will go back on.

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