What is Google Smart Home?

Google Smart Home is a platform that lets you extend the functionality of the Google Assistant to control connected devices. Google Smart Home works as a virtual assistant and lets users control their smart home devices through voice commands.

You can link your Minut account* to Google Smart Home, and use the Google Assistant to arm/disarm the alarm.

What languages are supported?

Right now, there's a bug when entering the security code to arm Minut. It doesn't work in other languages than English. We are waiting for a fix from Google.

Which commands can I give through Google Home?

After a successful account linking the user can give the following commands in any language mentioned in the list above:

  • "Hey Google, arm my home!"

  • "Hey Google, disarm my home!"

  • "Hey Google, is my home armed?"

To set up Google Home with Minut, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Home app

  2. Press Add > setup device

  3. Choose “Have something already set up”

  4. Add “Minut Smart Home Alarm”

* When using the Google Smart Home integration, the user must use a gmail (e.g test@gmail.com) account and not a g-suite account (e.g test@minut.com) for the arm/disarm function to work.

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