Is Minut privacy-safe?

Guest privacy is our top concern. The Minut device only measures decibel levels, never conversations.

We strongly encourage all hosts to disclose that they have a monitoring device in their properties. You can read more on the Airbnb rules here

Here are two examples of how you can communicate this to your guests:

“This listing has a device that monitors noise levels (but does not record sounds) and notifies the host or the host’s agents if it gets too loud."

“This listing contains a device that monitors the environment inside the property including noise levels, temperature, and motion to ensure guests have a pleasant stay and our neighbours are not disturbed.”

Because Minut is built with privacy in mind, we've also tried to make our Privacy Policy as easy to understand as possible. Naturally, it also covers how we comply with GDPR, what data is collected and how it is used. The Minut device does not have a camera and does not record any audio. 

What happens if wifi goes down?

Minut needs a WiFi-connection to work. If the WiFi goes down the app will tell you that the Minut is offline. During the time the Minut is offline, it will store data locally on the device itself, and send this once the WiFi is up and running again.

How often does the device update?

If all is quiet and nothing is going on, the device will update regularly once every hour. But if there’s a loud noise that means a threshold is passed or if there is movement the device will update you with this information immediately. 

You can read our full privacy policy here

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