The Minut Web App

With the web app, you get a good overview of all your sensors and properties. Just login with your Minut account on and try it out!


Here you can find all of your properties and how many sensors you have in them. To see the location of the property, and the sensors, press "manage". Here you can go directly to the sensors, and configure them.


Here you can find all your sensors, their readings, and how to configure them. To configure a sensor, press "Device settings". It may take up to 1 hour for all configurations to upload to the device.

You can also see what sensors are online, and the battery level of them. If you want to make changes to multiple sensors at once, tick the box next to the ones you want to configure, and then press "Device settings" in the top right corner.

Noise monitoring

Enable noise alerts to get alerted if the noise level exceeds the set threshold. You can set up a wanted threshold that fits your needs.

You can also set up a duration for how long the sound has to be over the threshold before you get a notification. This to minimize false alarms. 

You can also set up a different threshold for quiet hours, for example, if you want to have a lower threshold during the night. Choose the timeframe you wish to have night time mode for.

If the noise level goes above the threshold you will get a push notification to your phone.


Here are all the events of all your sensors logged, to get a good overview of all critical events in your properties.

Integrations (Minut Pro required)

The Minut service can be integrated with Property Management Systems and Zapier.


If a Minut sensor detects noise in your property, this integration will automatically send a text message and/or email to the guest currently staying there (if any). It will also add a note about the event in Guesty’s Unified inbox. You can read more about how to configure Guesty in the web app. 


Zapier is a tool for connecting various services together and automate workflows. Minut can send so-called triggers to Zapier which in turn can be used to start workflows in other services, such as Slack, Google Spreadsheets, etc.

You can read more about Zapier here.

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