The Automatic mode of the Security Alarm uses the location of your phone to turn the alarm off and on when you’re home and away.

The Automatic alarm requires that you Share home/away status in the home. This is done in the Home settings. To do this, you will be required to allow location access for the Minut app on your phone, “Always” in iOS, and “Allow all the time” in Android. You can also toggle this under your profile settings in the Minut app.

Only members that share home/away status will be recognized by the Automatic alarm.

You are marked as Away once you're about 150 meters away from your home.

To turn on the Automatic alarm:

  1. Make sure your home shares home/away status under Home settings.

  2. Make sure your home location is correct. You can edit this by pressing the map under home settings.

  3. Go to the home screen, press Security Alarm, and choose Automatic. Now the alarm will turn on automatically whenever no one is at home.

Accuracy limitations

The Automatic alarm is dependent on the accuracy of location services in the area of the home. It will perform better if you have wifi (and preferably Bluetooth) enabled. Some Android models have stricter power saving modes enabled which may delay or block the automatic alarm reactions.

This feature is still in Beta. If you have feedback, feel free to reach out to

You can also add feedback directly to the event log in the app. We would appreciate it if you add time of event, what was expected, what happened, and what phone model you have when sending feedback.

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