Does Point work in outdoor environments?

Point is designed for indoor use only. 

Will Point work without a subscription?

Yes, but only for one person. As long as there is only one person using the alarm in the household, Point doesn't require any additional monthly subscriptions. You'll have access to all the features and all data for as long as the product is alive. 

Without the Premium service, however, you won't be able to invite family, friends, or guests to your home so that they can turn on and off the alarm as they come and go. You'll also not be able to use the neighbourhood watch features, where Point is able to reach out to your trusted circle if you're not around to respond. 

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection?

Right now it's not possible to modify this sensitivity. Point reacts only to critical events, such as motion detected when there is no one at home or the beeping sound of a smoke detector.

What happens if wifi goes down, will the alarm still work?

Point works through a WiFi-connection, but in case that your Point lost connection you will get a notification in your app. So you'll be notified in the unlikely case that your WiFi network is offline and you can react fast.

Can I have it on my boat? 

The only problem on a boat is the, potentially, missing network connection. Point will only work on a 2.4GHz network. We are also working on supporting mobile connectivity, but this is not available right now. Please note that Point only works in indoor environments.

Does Point have a camera?

No, Point respects your privacy. We believe that there is no need for cameras to create a safe home environment. Point has no camera and no raw sound leaves the device.

What data does Point log?

Point measures and logs temperature, humidity, pressure, noise levels, motion, battery levels, and a set of diagnostics data including Wi-Fi connectivity. Most of the data that is visible in the app is stored at a per-minute interval. 

No raw sound data leaves the device. Point does most of the calculations locally on the device itself. Only the necessary data is sent to your phone -- that means no one can ever listen to whatever is said in your home. All communication within the system is encrypted, including to and from Point. 

How loud is the siren?

The siren on the Point which detected motion will ring with a volume of 85 dB.

How often does Point Update?

Once an hour, but sometimes it may update more frequently because Point registered something that it thought might be of interest. 

Is it a smoke detector?

Point can recognize alarms as the siren of a smoke alarm, and notifies you that it has gone off. But the Point is not a certified smoke detector and there is no smoke detection function on Point. Point react on smoke alarm siren, but not smoke. 

What is the Grace Period?

The Grace Period is the 45 second window between your Point detecting motion and when the alarm begins to sound. When the Grace Period has expired (without being turned off) the siren starts and Point will notify your friends and family network. We’ve designed it this way to minimise false alarms -- we’ve all forgotten to turn off the alarm before walking through the door or had our hands too full to turn it off. 

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