The motion graph

The image below shows our typical motion graph. Here, the horizontal axis shows the time of the day and the vertical axis, the number of motion events. When Minut detects movement, a motion event is counted. The blue bars put together motion events that have been registered in the same 15 minutes period.

For example, if you left the house early, you can see when your kids woke up by looking at the time location of the next movement spike after you left. 

The motion graph monitors movement even when your Minut is disarmed, and it lets you be aware of what is going on at home without the need of cameras.

What to expect from the motion detection

  • Waving to the Minut might not trigger the alarm. Minut is trained to only act on the movement of an entire human body. A waving hand might be too small for the device to register as a motion event.
  • Minut will not detect movement in another room. 
  • Minut only covers approximately 25 sqm (269 sqft) in a circle around the unit. This translates to about 2,5m from the device when moving towards it. 
  • Preferably, Minut should not be placed higher than 3 m above the floor. The recommended height is 2.4m (7.9ft). 
  • Minut needs to be mounted in the suggested way to get most out of motion detection.

How to test the motion detection

To test the area of motion detection in your room, do the following:

  1. Turn on the nightlight function and restart the app.
  2. Slowly walk towards the device from the direction you want to try. The nightlight will light up after a few seconds of a motion event has been recorded. 

To test the alarm function, do the following: 

  1. Arm your Minut manually from the app. Wait 45 seconds.
  2. Walk underneath the device to trigger the alarm. The siren should start to silently beep. 
  3. If you have the app open, you should see the alarm go into "Grace period".
  4. After 45 seconds, the siren is activated and you and your family will get notifications to your phones.. Here, the device will also blink red.
  5. You can silence the siren from the app, or by pushing the main button on the device. 

The Grace period

When Minut first detects motion and the alarm is armed, it starts to beep and blink white. This is not the alarm going off, this is what we call the Grace period. Once the 45 seconds has gone, the real alarm with the siren starts to sound, and you and your family will get at notification to your phones. 

We’ve designed it this way to minimise false alarms - we’ve all forgotten to turn off the alarm before walking through the door or had our hands too full to turn it off. 

If you are having problems with motion detection, don't hesitate to reach out to the support at

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