Motion alarm function

  1. Turn on the alarm in the app manually and wait 45 seconds for the alarm to arm
  2. Walk underneath the device to trigger the alarm 
  3. Motion will trigger a push-notification to your phone
  4. After 45 seconds, the siren is activated and the notification escalated to family and friends


  1. To set a threshold, go in to the Minut you want to change in the app and press settings. 
  2. Here you set a threshold for your device and hit save
  3. The next time Minut updates (once an hour or when you push the button) the thresholds will be applied. From then on, you will get a notification immediately if a threshold is crossed

Alarm recognition 

  1. Test your smoke-alarm for at least 10 seconds
  2. Alarm  should be recognized and a push-notification sent to your phone 


  1. Graphs are updated once an hour
  2. The device does not show real time data, but will notify you immediately if a set threshold is crossed 

Family & Friends (Pro feature)

  1. Notifications can be escalated to Family or Friends after 45 seconds if no action has been taken from you within this period
  2. Add family or friends through the ”group” tab in the app
  3. A chat function is available to coordinate if something happens


  1. Follow this article to make sure your notifications are on
  2. Press the large button, the lens. You should receive a notification to you phone through the app, "Button pressed in X".

Mold Recognition

Minut will analyze your daily temperature and humidity and will show level of threat ranging from low-medium-high.

If you have any further questions or experience any issues, don’t hesitate to ping

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