What is the Grace Period and why does it exist?

The Grace Period is the 45 second window between your Point detecting motion and when the alarm begins to sound. When the Grace Period has expired (without being turned off) the siren starts and Point will notify your friends and family network. We’ve designed it this way to minimise false alarms -- we’ve all forgotten to turn off the alarm before walking through the door or had our hands too full to turn it off. 

How do I mute the siren?

So you’ve accidentally triggered the alarm. Now what? To completely turn off the alarm, prevent the siren from engaging and prevent your friends and family from being connected, simply turn off the alarm from within the app. This is the only way to prevent the situation from being elevated to friends and family. But don’t worry, if you’re unable to do this within 45 seconds, you can message your community from right within the app to let them know everything is okay. 

The siren can also be turned off by pressing the large button or lens on the device itself or turning it off using the switch on the back of the device. While this will quiet the siren, the notification will still be sent to friends and family because we can’t be sure it is you turning it off, or an intruder tampering with device. We’d always rather be on the safe side and let everyone know there has been an event.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ping hello@minut.com.

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