Extended use with Google Assistant

To use Minut with the Google Assistant you need a device with Google Assistant integrated such as a Google Home, Google Home Mini, or a Google Home Max. Several Android phones also support Google Assistant from the start. On iOS, you can download the Google Assistant app.

Launch the Google Assistant app and say “Talk to My Home”. Next, tap “Yes” to connect your Minut account with Google Assistant.

You will be prompted by a login screen for Minut. Enter your username (typically your email) and your password, then log in. 

You need to allow Google to access the Minut app. Tap “Accept” to complete the connection. 

Voice commands available

“Hey Google, tell My Home to turn on the alarm”

“Ok Google, ask My Home what is the temperature?”

“Ok Google, ask My Home what is the humidity?”

Known issues

  • Google Assistant is only able to query one Minut. If you have several devices, Google will ask the first Minut in your device list. The list is sorted alphabetically. 

  • For security reasons, you won’t be able to turn off the alarm. 

  • Google Assistant is only available in English and Swedish.

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