The battery life with a full charge should be about 4-6 months depending heavily on the environment in which the Minut is installed. To charge the device fully takes about 5 hours. 

The battery level in the app does not show the correct percentage of the battery, which can suggest that the battery consumption is faster than it really is in the beginning. We are aware of this bug and are working on a better way to show battery levels.

Some environments trigger the unit more than the average user which might cause the battery to drain faster. Such environments are: 

  • An environment with continuously varying sounds
  • An environment with lots of movement.
    Example: You have the alarm above the place where your lively dog hangs out on most hours of the day. Every movement will be recognized and analyzed which will use the battery. 

When you first receive the Minut, it isn't fully charged. It is recommended that you charge Minut for 5-6 hours when first receiving your unit. 

Battery drains in two weeks

If you repeatedly see your Minut draining battery in less than two week's time, reach out to support and we'll work with you to fix the issue. 

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