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Sharing your location

As we are moving towards using geolocation to automatically turn on and off the alarm. In the latest app release, it is now possible to see who's home, and once we know this is stable enough, we'll also enable users to automatically use the alarm.

Following will happen when the alarm triggers

  1. The siren on the Point which detected motion will ring with a loud volume (85 dB).
  2. You and your family members will instantly receive an emergency notification. 
  3. If you or your family members don't open the notification within 45 seconds an emergency notification will be sent to your added friends.

What is an emergency?

  • Motion detected (when the alarm is on)
  • Alarm recognised¬†

Point will automatically notify your friends if you don't open the app within 45 seconds of an emergency event.

Open the app to cancel the automatic escalation.

Send a customised emergency message to your friends

  1. Press notify friends
  2. A pre-written message will be sent to your friends group.

To write a message manually go to 'Groups'-tab.

Your friends will receive a notification from their Point app.

You can communicate with your friends under Groups
inside the Point app.

Silencing the alarm / Dismiss the emergency

  1. Open the Point app
  2. Press Silence alarm

Turning the alarm off when the siren is ringing can easily be done by any of your family members.

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