Point can be installed almost anywhere, but there are few things to have in mind when choosing a location. 

On the ceiling or on the wall?

We always recommend attaching your Point to the ceiling such that it is directly facing the floor. Typically you want to place it centrally in the room. This will give you the best coverage. 

Recommended locations

I have 1 Point

We recommend installing your first Point in the hallway of your main entrance in your house or apartment. This provides you with the best alarm experience and you will be able to know when people are coming home. 

I have 2-3 Points

Most of our users with two Points install one in the hallway and one in the bedroom, with kitchen being the third most popular option. However, it really depends on your needs. Below you find a list of the locations available by default. 

I have many Points

For the best coverage, we recommend installing one Point per room. This way you get the best security and environmental monitoring. 

Setting the location of your Point

In the Point app, you can set where your Point is installed to improve your experience with Point. The following locations are available by default: 

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Garage
  • Hallway
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Office
  • Wine cellar

How to attach Point to the ceiling or wall

Point attaches to the ceiling or wall using the included magnetic mounting plate. There are two options for attaching the mounting plate for Point to the ceiling or wall. If you are installing Point on an uneven surface, option 2 is recommended. 

  1. Use the strong 3M tape
    Remove the protecting plastic and place the plate to the ceiling. Press hard and evenly for about 5-10 seconds. Then attach Point to the metal plate. 
  2. Use the included screw and plug
    Install the plate using the screw and, optionally, plug. For ceilings made of concrete, we recommend drilling a hole and using the plug. 
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