[This article may refer to the old name of the Minut Smart Home Sensor; Point.]


In the Kickstarter campaign for Minut we communicated the following in our FAQ:

“Point contains a smoke detector similar to other commercial optical fire alarms, but is not certified according to regulatory requirements and does not replace a certified smoke detector.

We have initiated a collaboration with a certification company and aim to take Point through the process. However, it is not unlikely that changes will have to be made to the hardware. We cannot guarantee the Points received for a Kickstarter pledge will be certified in the future.”

What changed?

We worked hard on getting a smoke alarm in place. Certification turned out to be hard and require a standard that Minut currently cannot fulfill, such as 1-year battery life and extensive hardware stress tests. There are also very strict requirements on software updates for internet-connected smoke detectors, even though the smoke detector software is kept separate from the other software.

Instead, we have stated that Minut Home Alarm is neither a smoke alarm nor that it conforms to UL217, EN14604, or other regulatory requirements on our packaging and communication. We since learned that Minut still requires certification. 

Minut makes your old smoke detector smart

Minut can still work as a smart smoke detector. The Minut picks up on the sound from a traditional smoke detector and will send a notification when your smoke detector goes off. If you want to try if Minut recognizes your smoke alarm, send us a sound file of the alarm. 

We know that some of you purchased your Minut primarily for the smoke detection feature and we are sorry to deliver this news. Throw a message to hello@minut.com and we will do our best to help you.

Stay safe,

The Minut team

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