The issue
When connecting the USB-C cable to charge the Minut, the charging indicator does not start blinking green, instead it immediately indicates a solid green color suggesting the charge is complete.


  1. Remove the cable

  2. Wait 30 seconds or until the charge light turns off.

  3. Plug it back in. 

This may need to be retried a few times until the charging indicator on the device starts blinking green.

If the problem remains, please also try with a different wall outlet, we have seen some chargers where the wall plug pins in the charger do not make proper contact with the outlet.

If the Minut is fully discharged, it may take a little while before the indicator starts blinking green. And remember to have the device ON when charging.

Where is the ON button? The ON button is located on the back of the Minut. At the beginning you need to remove the magnetic metal plate from the device. Once you have removed it, you can see the button and the LED charge light. 

If the charging LED is still not blinking green or lighting up at all, please contact support at

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