Minut receives software updates automatically to fix bugs and add new functionality. Below is a summary of improvements per public release.

15142 - Week 50 2021

  • Fix occasional instability in Bluetooth startup sequence

  • Improve connection times by updated dhcp cache handling

  • Fixes for some uncommon error conditions and stability issues

14414 - Week 24 2021

  • Lowered power consumption when taking audio samples

  • Fix cases where reason for sensor turning off was not correctly communicated

  • Stability fixes to crowd detect feature

14267 - Week 17 2021

  • Fix some cases of missing startup boot animation when switching sensor on

  • Stability improvements to the crowd detect function

  • Improve memory handling to avoid running out of memory

  • Fixes and improvements to Bluetooth stack

14166 - Week 11 2021

  • Enable boot animation on reset button press

  • Memory management fixes to avoid running out of memory

  • Avoid sensors sometimes crashing during over the air software update

13967 - Week 4 2021

  • Fix issue that factory reset sometimes fails to reset sensor

  • Improved error handling and diagnostics for over the air sensor software update

  • Avoid rare case of motion detection temporarily locking up

  • Updated handling of network socket timeouts to reduce downtime and re-connection delays

  • Improved battery level measurements

13383 - Week 31 2020

  • Fix for motion detection getting stuck when device has not restarted in a long time

13299 - Week 27 2020

  • Resolve blocked motion sensing on some devices

  • Avoid blue light if charger connected while sensor is performing a remote software update

13234 - Week 19 2020

  • Avoid spurious lighting up of circling light for some Minuts

  • Updates to motion sensor driver to improve motion detection on some Minuts

  • Stability improvements to avoid a few rare error conditions

  • Support for on device duration events

  • Preparations for power saving mode of operation

13134 - Week 13 2020

  • Calmer alarm count down beep sound

  • Responsiveness improvement for installation in case device is being reinstalled

  • Eliminate a possible source for false motion detection or no motion detection on some devices

12976 - Week 6 2020

  • Update to handle case where motion sensor could occasionally stop working

  • Fixed memory leak causing device to crash after multiple repeated installation attempts

12937 - Week 4 2020

  • Improved responsiveness in reinstallation of already installed device

  • Fixing issue in handling of too many temperature/humidity/sound level thresholds

  • When turning off device, ensure siren is turned off (after confirming alarm status with Minut servers)

  • Improved beeping sound during alarm count down

  • More consistent activation of device startup animation

  • Stability and performance improvements

12553 - Week 39 2019

  • Improvements to network connection speed

  • Fix issue where nightlight would sometimes show white circling light

  • A few stability improvements

12461 - Week 30 2019

  • Fixes to power management to resolve cases where battery suddenly started draining faster than expected, or in some rare cases could lead to periodically incorrect sound level measurements.

  • Faster connection times for routers that send ARP pings before handing out DHCP leases.

  • Small improvement to handling long network delays when connecting or sending data.

  • Muting alarm by pressing button doesn't play additional beep, only LED indication.

  • General improvements to device responsiveness and stability.

12317 - Week 23 2019

  • Updated Minut light reactions. Read more on the meaning of lights and colors here

  • Fixed occasional dropped connection in the start of alarm countdown period.

  • Quicker charge led reaction when charger is connected or disconnected.

  • Improved handling of lost network connection during alarm reaction.

12226 - Week 21 2019

  • Reduced connection latency between motion detection and event delivered.

  • Fixed occasional alarm countdown period sound stuttering or failing after a few beeps.

  • Fixed timing issue that could cause the alarm siren to go off before the countdown period had elapsed.

  • Fixed occasional wrong color for nightlight.

  • Fixed occasional stuttering in LED animations.

  • Report correct charging status if charger is connected/disconnected in rapid succession.

  • Sensor data retained while downloading firmware updates resulting in fewer gaps in graph data.

11987 - Week 14 2019

  • Fixed motion sensor issue that prevented some devices from reliably detecting motion.

  • Various stability and responsiveness improvements.

11859 - Week 11 2019

  • Fix some devices occasionally triggering repeated motion events.

  • Updated WiFi chip firmware.

  • Improved reliability of Minut installation.

  • Fixed occasional sound spikes that could occur at approximately 15 minute intervals.

  • Also turn off the leds when the alarm is disarmed and not just the siren.

  • Small improvement to battery life.

  • Improvements to device responsiveness.

  • Fix power on boot led animation not showing up on some devices.

  • Fixed a couple of crashes.

11583 - Week 7 2019

  • Fix sporadic sound measurement spikes.

  • Fix unresponsive device (no button press event in timeline) after enroll.

  • Disable short button press in setup mode.

  • Fix bug causing the device stop reporting to backend during certain conditions.

  • Device is now run at max performance level during setup which speeds up the installation procedure.

  • Tuning motion sensor thresholds.

  • Improvements to firmware update system.

11339 - Week 50 2018

  • Fix bug which causes powering off the device not being reported correctly.

  • Fix bug which causes missing sensor data on some devices.

  • Fix bug where the device reports an incorrect charging state.

  • Fix bug where sensor data is lost after the device has been offline.

  • Fix bug where the alarm sound is not running for as long as expected.

  • Fix infrequent crashes.

  • Add support for more power management states in the acoustic detection system.

  • Add color and duration settings to nightlight* feature.

  • Add support for scheduling nightlight*.

  • Improve acoustic detection sensitivity.

  • Improvements to firmware update system to support future features.

  • Improvements to firmware update system for faster and more reliable updates.

 * The nightlight feature is not released at the time of writing. Please refer to the Feature releases page.

11091 - Week 45 2018

  • Improved siren sound detector to detect more types of sirens.

  • Improved sensor data storage and synchronization to avoid data loss.

  • Sensor data is stored for up to 48 hours when Minut is offline.

  • Fix issue where Minut waits too long after a failed connection attempt.

  • Improve power switch responsiveness.

  • Improve stability.

10987 - Week 38 2018

  • Improved alarm detection algorithm.

  • Improved glass break detection algorithm.

  • Increased motion detector sensitivity.

  • Implement factory reset behavior.
    Press and hold the reset button until Minut lights up orange to wipe all settings from the device. The firmware version will not be reverted. Use the Minut Update Utility to recover the device if it isn't working properly after a factory reset.

  • Fix issue where Minut waits too long before retrying after a failed connection attempt.

  • Fix issue with USB charger detection.

10910 - Week 33 2018

  • Improvements to power management resulting in better battery life. Noisy vs. quiet sound environments now have less of an impact on battery life.

  • Piezo siren now supported when alarm is triggered. Previously the quieter internal speaker was used while the kinks in deactivating the alarm were worked out.

  • Further tuning of motion detection algorithms to reduce false positives and improve sensitivity.

  • Events generated when device is put on or removed from mounting plate. Note though that hardware revisions R3C and earlier may not trigger these reliably.

  • Improved responsiveness to button presses.

  • Led and sound updates.

  • Fix rare crash that occurred when playing alarm beep/siren sound.

  • Numerous general stability improvements.

  • Fix charging led staying on for up to 30 seconds after USB cable is unplugged.

  • Device will wait 30 seconds after booting up for motion sensor to stabilize before sensing motion.

  • Temperature and humidity not reported while charging, to work around self-heating by the charging circuit.

10744 - Week 28 2018

  • Motion sensor algorithm improvements

  • WEP support. If you absolutely must, Minut will work with WEP WiFi network authentication, but please think of the kittens before using WEP in 2018.

  • Fix occasional WiFi chip boot failure on some devices when ambient temperature was sufficiently high. This avoids the ridiculous "Put Minut in the fridge" workaround to get some units to install properly.

  • Fix crash when Minut could not connect to network for extended periods of time.

  • Fix rare sensors going offline until device reset problem.

  • Fix occasional incorrect time interval set for batch of sensor samples, causing odd looking jumps in app graphs.

  • Fix alarm sound stopping too early.

  • Led indications for fast events shown long enough to be visible.

  • Fix rate limiting for events getting reset on every connection to back end.

  • Fix possible file system corruption if device was shut down uncleanly.

  • Sensor values are buffered to device flash memory when Minut cannot connect at normal scheduled intervals. Currently up to 10 hours are stored. This reduces the likelihood of gaps in app graph data.

10435 - Week 21 2018

  • Initial firmware version loaded from factory for Kickstarter units

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